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Musicorum Festival:  closing concert.
The winners of the Breughel contest 2019 and 2019 each play a Mozart concerto with l’Ensemble Orchestral de Bruxelles .
Dir: Jacques Vanherenthals.


Violin concerto n°5 in A Maj. K.219

soliste: Xinyi Tianviolin

Photo: Virginie van Elmbt (http://www.virginiephotography.be/




Piano concerto n°18 K. 456 in B flat Maj.

soliste: Fidosi Kerchevpiano

‘For me, Mozart is a close friend with whom I can talk simply and naturally.  A concerto for soloist with orchestra is like a man (the soloist) confronting society (the orchestra) in relations that sometimes take a turn for the dramatic…’

photo: Bogdan Shahanski (Bulgaria)