Presentation of the orchestra

Founded in 1994, the Ensemble Orchestral of Brussels (EOB) features a permanent core of highly experienced professional musicians with, at their sides, recent graduates of the Belgian conservatories. 
In this sense, the EOB is a workshop for the apprenticeship of orchestral musicians, and this mixture of generations gives the orchestra the steadiness and dynamism that characterize it.

In addition, the orchestra has always sought out young virtuosos as soloists and has been a springboard for the careers of many now well-known musicians.

Jacques Vanherenthals is the artistic director and chief conductor; Honorary President José Van Dam actively encourages the orchestra’s projects.

The EOB is a flexible ensemble, capable of performing chamber-orchestra works as well as grand symphonic repertoire, spanning periods from the baroque to contemporary compositions. While providing a platform for young virtuosos, the orchestra also promotes Belgian composers, as its programs demonstrate.

With its structure and objectives, the EOB is a strong promoter of musical culture in the European Union, principally in the Brussels region but also through many festivals, both Belgian and international: the Abbey of Aulnes, the Été Mosan, the Minimes summer festival (Brussels) and in France the Saint-Donat Bach Festival (Drôme), the Pontaumur Bach festival (Auvergne), the summer week at the lake of Annecy, and in repeated collaborations with the famous Cadre Noir of Saumur.

Many CD recordings, recorded over the years, are testimony of the orchestra’s highly sensitive and refined performance level.